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Over 2,500 students have attended the Courses, including well over 50 of the second generation.

The Course has evolved over the years – the length, content and cost. About 85% come through word-of-mouth recommendation. We usually have between 40 and 50 students each year, including a minority from many different countries- U.S.A., Sweden, Holland, France, Germany, Belgium, Russia, China, India, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand – adding a welcome international dimension to our community. In recent years we have organized various events- re-unions, gala dinners, wine-tastings as well as our regular Italian Journeys tours to Venice and other parts of Italy.


Former students are listed in The Course Register and the programme of lectures for past years can be found under Record of Past Programme from 1965 to-date. Use the links below to navigate through all the Alumni years and please tell us of any mistakes or updates

Search Alumni by first and last name using the search field below.

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