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The Course Register 1974

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Andrew Bartrum, Jonathan Bennett, Peter Bennett-Jones, David Benson, Helen Birkett, Nigel Brassard, Mariana Bray, Victoria Bruce Jones, Anthony Cragg, Simon Crow, Julia Cuttress, William Dawson, Stuart Delves, Anna Eden, Mariam Ellingworth, Janet Erskine, Simon Frith, William Gaminara, Christopher Gent, Christopher Green, Talia Grose, Benjamin Hamilton-Baille, Simon Heywood, Dale Jennings, Suzy Josephs, Deborah Kirby Johnson, Ian Kramer (Deceased), Deborah Kverndal *, Melinda Letts, Peter Mackichan, Priscilla Makovski, John Maundrell, Richard Metcalf, Penelope Milton, Robert Morris-Jones, James Nimmo, Steven Ovens, Jeremy Parrish, Olivia Roberts, Ian Robinson, Suparmi Saunders, Rosemary Selwyn, Charles Shaughnessy, Nigel Smallbone, Emma Smith (Deceased), David Stewart, David Symondson *, Benny Tao, Marian Taylor, Anna Thomas, Caroline Wardle, Deborah West, Sion Whitaker, Lucy Williams, Laura Zunz.


Record of Past Programme
The Contemporary Europe Pre-University Course in Venice

February 16 – April 4
Director: John Hall

Venice. Pensione alla Salute da Cici
Florence. Pensione Centrale
Rome. Pensione Accademia

Lectures: Museo Correr or Pensione Lecture Room

Lecturers and Syllabus

Denis Arnold M.A., B.Mus., Hon. R.A.M., A.R.C.M., Professor of Music, Nottingham University
Venetian Music
The Doge’s Music; music at the Scuola di S. Rocco.

Alun Davies M.A. Lecturer at Bedford College, University of London
The Classical Tradition in Italian Renaissance Literature
The Greco-Roman tradition and the Middle Ages; the rediscovery of the ancient world; epic; pastoral and romance; drama.

Brian Glanville, The Sunday Times; Football

Dottor Mario Greco Lecturer in the Faculty of Economics and Commerce, University of Venice
The Italian Political System

Michael Healey M.A. Producer, BBC Television, previously Assistant Director, Playhouse Theatre, Oxford
Theatre Workshop (condensed performance of ‘Hamlet’ with music from Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of The Moon’)
Palazzo Grassi Theatre.

Doctor Bernard Hickey M.A. Professor of Commonwealth Literature, University of Venice
Writers in Italy
Byron, Shelley, Ruskin.

Charles Hope M.A. Junior Research Fellow, King’s College, Cambridge
Venice and the Art of the Renaissance
Introduction; the early Renaissance in Florence; art in Central Italy in the late 15th century; the early Renaissance Northern Italy and Venice; the High Renaissance in Florence and Rome; Giorgione and his contemporaries; The emergence of Mannerism; Venice and the art of Central Italy; the career of Titian; Tintoretto, Veronese and Bassano.

Geoffrey Humphrey & Ysbrandt van Wyngarten
Drawing, Painting, Etching, Theatrical Design

Peter Lauritzen B.A.
Byron’s Venice

Robert McHenry B.A., D.Phil. Tutor in Social Psychology, Oxford University
Social Psychology
Non-verbal communication; cross-cultural social interaction; forming impressions of other persons; measuring the accuracy of impressions; children’s ability to form impressions. Prejudice; attitude change; social psychological ideas about mental illness.

Professor Dott. Terisio Pignatti Director of the Civic Museums of Venice, Professor of History of Art, University of Padua
Venetian Art – a general introduction
A survey of Venetian architecture; the origins of Venetian painting, from the Ravenna mosaics to San Marco; trecento and early quattrocento; quattrocento – Mantegna, Carpaccio; the Bellini; cinquecento – Giorgione, Titian, Bassano, Tintoretto; seicento and early settecento – the baroque and rococo; settecento – Tiepolo and Longhi; landscape painting in the settecento – Canaletto, Guardi; Venice in settecento viewprints; architecture in Venice today.

Stella Rudolph B.A., Laurea, Lecturer in Art History, University of California Florence Program
Moments in Modern Art Criticism
The Revivals: Winkelmann, Cicognara, Seroux d’Agincourt, Viollet le Duc. Attributionism: Cavacaselle, Longhi.
Problems in Italian Cinquecento Architecture
Rome, from Bramante to Peruzzi; Mannerism in the North – Giulio Romano and Sanmichele; Palladio’s Villas; Palladio’s Churches; visits to Canova Museum in Possagno, to Vicenza and Villa Barbaro at Maser.

The Reverend Victor Stanley Chaplain to the English Church in Venice
Sir Henry Layard

Clive Wood M.Sc., D.Phil. Linacre College, Oxford
The Biology of Populations
The idea of Population: population growth in relation to competition and resources; studies in animal populations; growth of the world human population; human fertility and infertility; the regulation of human population size; practical problems for the world population; prospects for the future.

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