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The Course Register 1971

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Clare Asherson, Elfride Bailhache, Sarah Blandy, James Boyd, Guy Bracewell-Smith (Deceased), Bibby Cole, Anthony Coombs, Jeanne Costin, James Debenham, Marion Doyen, Mary Edwards, Alexander Fraser, Jonathan Gale, Charles Harding, Christopher Harris, Nicholas Healing, John Henniker-Major *, Owen Jonathan *, Simon Kidner, William Kilpatrick, Rachel Kusseff, David Lake, Geoff Layton, Sarah Le Fanu, Sian Lewis, Richard Lister, Anne Lloyd Morgan, Douglas Lyndon Skeggs, Angela MacKenzie, Jonathan Mathias, Mary Mathiesen *, Philip Modiano, Andrew Moore, Andrew Parsons, Crispian Probert, Philip Raby, Jane Ridley, George Rodney, Jonathan Roith, Jonathan Ross, Nicholas Sherrard, Sonja Shields, Nicholas Sloan, Teresa Smallbone, Emily Smith, Michael Spencer-Smith, Charles Sonabend, Judy Trafford, Julian Turton *, Stella Wakeman, Rupert Wood.


Record of Past Programme
The Contemporary Europe Pre-University Course in Venice

February 21 – April 8
Director: John Hall

Venice. Pensione alla Salute da Cici
Florence. Pensione Centrale
Rome. Hotel Suisse

Lectures: Georgio Cini Foundation, Museo Correr , Galleria Barozzi

Lecturers and Syllabus

Maeve Denby B.A. Labour Parliamentary Candidate for South Oxfordshire
British Politics in Theory and Practice
The nature of political activity; types of political ideology; political parties in Britain; party structure; application of ideologies to current political issues in Britain; extra-parliament activities – demonstrations, pressure groups; participation or apathy?

Richard Gutch B.A., M.Phil. (Town Planning)
The City, Past, Present and Future
Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque cities with special reference to Sienna, Florence, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, London; planning problems today – slum housing, urban motorways, new towns, new universities, historic cities; the problems of Venice today; the role of sociology, economics, geography and architecture in town planning.

John Guthrie Lecturer in English, the University Institute of Language and Letters, Venice
Italy Today
Regional introduction; the political structure; education.

Michael Healey
Theatre Workshop Galleria Barozzi and Palazzo Priuli (A Midsummer Night’s Dream.)

Doctor Bernard Hickey M.A. Lecturer in English, the University Institute of Language and Letters, Venice
English Writers in Italy
Byron, Shelley, Ruskin, Browning.

Professor Dott. Terisio Pignatti Vice-Director of the Civic Museums of Venice, Professor of History of Art, University of Padua
A survey of Venetian architecture and of Venetian painting
From Ravenna mosaics to San Marco; trecento and early quattrocento; quattrocento – Mantegna, Carpaccio; the Bellini; cinquecento – Giorgione, Titian, Bassano, Tintoretto; seicento and early settecento – the baroque and rococo; settecento – Tiepolo and Longhi; landscape painting in the settecento – Canaletto, Guardi; Venice in settecento viewprints; architecture in Venice today.

Stella Rudolph B.A., Laurea, Personal Assistant to the Director of the Uffizi Gallery
Venetian Art – some aspects examined in detail
Palladio; visit to churches of S. Georgio Maggiore, Zitelle, Redentore; late cinquecento painting – Veronese, Tintoretto; visit to Palazzo Ducale; visit to Scuola S. Rocco; Venetian baroque architecture – Longhena; visit to S. Maria della Salute; Venetian rococo art; visit to Scuola dei Carmini; visit to Ca’Rezzonico.

PhilipTabor M.A. ARIBA Postgraduate Research Student at the Centre for Land Use and Builtform Studies, Cambridge
The Frontier and the City of the Future: recurrent themes in modern architecture
Frontier ideas, from the American West to hippie communes; realization through technical innovations; Frank Lloyd Wright urbanizes the Pioneering Dream; Italian futurism, Russian revolutionary architecture and Le Corbusier’s Radiant City; the science fiction element comics and plug-in city.

Norman Williams B.A., M.Ed., Research Fellow in Psychology, Farmington Trust, Oxford
Personality – An introduction to Behavioural Science
The task of psychology; aims, approaches and methods; the nature of psychological explanation, models and constructs; personality: definitions, methods of research; typologies and dimensions of personality; dynamic models of personality; determinants and development; adjustment and maladjustment; other factors; intelligence, creativity, social class; morality and social adjustment; testing and assessment.

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