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The Course Register 1979

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Carina Agar, Rupert Bache, Jane Barclay, Georgina Bentliff, Candida Blaker, David Brown, Georgina Bruce, Louisa Buck, Sandy Bullock, Jonathan Burnham, Emma Campbell, Caroline Carr, Isabel Chancellor, Josephine Charlton, Mary De Bonville, Fiona De Sales La Terriere, David Eaton, Katherine Edwards, Gillian Evill, Caroline Fane Trefusis, Susanna Fiennes, Peter Fitzgerald, Diana Gurney, Catherine Hill, Katherine Hopkinson, Denise Hurst, Simon Jacobs, Sharon Kelly, Madeline Marsh, Caroline Mathias, Sarah May, Simon Mitchell, William Molesworth, Nicola Frances Morgan, Olivia Mortensen, Stephen Morton, Louisa Napier, Henrietta Palmer, William Robson, Michael Rumney, Susan Smart (Deceased), Emma Stirling, Anastasia Stokes, Mark Stone, Riquita Stoutzker, Thomas Stuttaford, Miyuki Suzuki, Caroline Tate, Vanessa Thornhill, Amanda Trafford, Shane Watson, Richard Wheeler, Nicola Willmore, Giles Worsley (Deceased).


Record of Past Programme
The Contemporary Europe Pre-University Course in Venice

February 5 – March 26
Director: John Hall

Venice. Pensione Atlantico

Lectures: Palazzo Fortuny, Museo Correr or Pensione

Lecturers and Syllabus

Dr. John Cobb M.R.C.P., M.R.C. Psch., B.A. (Oxon) Consultant at St. George’s Hospital, Senior Lecturer, London University
Inner Worlds and the Outer World
A series of seminars will examine how attitudes and emotions colour the way in which the outside world is perceived, both in a psychological and aesthetic sense. As a counterbalance, an introduction will be given to the way that anatomy, biochemistry and life experience interact in the production of thoughts, feelings, fantasies and dreams.

Nicholas Goncharoff D.Phil. Director, YMCA International, New York
The Soviet Union
Challenges of the first global civilization; the Soviet political elite and internal developments in the USSR; dissent in the USSR; the arts in the USSR

John Hale F.B.A. Historian, Professor of Italian, University College, London
Venetian History
The Venetian empire; the myth of Venice; the Venetian patriciate: a unique governing class; when did Venice decline?

Tom Hammond Music Consultant to the English National Opera, Professor at the Royal Academy of Music and the London Opera Centre
Italian Opera
How opera began; how an opera is produced; the words in opera; the great Italian opera composers; great Italian singers

Doctor Bernard Hickey M.A. Professor of Commonwealth Literature, University of Venice

Diana Kaley
The Scuola Grande S.Giovanni Evangelista

Charles McCorquodale M.A.
Italian Art 1500 – 1800
The High Renaissance; Florentine Mannerism: the triumph of the artificial; Michelangelo; the Counter Reformation and the arts; Caravaggio and the Carracci; Bernini; Borromini; Italian Baroque painting; the Grand Tour; the twilight of Italian art.

Andrew Martindale Professor of Fine Arts, University of East Anglia
From Gothic to Renaissance

Marilyn Perry M.A., D.Phil.

Stella Rudolph B.A., Laurea, Lecturer in Art History, University of California Florence Program
A survey of Venetian painting and architecture
Venice – an introduction to the architecture; the mosaics in the Basilica; the International Gothic tradition; Mantegna and classical archaeology; the Venetian visit of Antonello da Messina; the Bellini family; Carpaccio; Giorgione; Titian; Lotto; Tintoretto; Veronese; Palladio; Longhi; Tiepolo; Guardi; Canaletto; Canova and Neo-Classicism; Venice in the 19th century.

Nicholas True B.A. Sometime John Whitgift Research Student, Peterhouse, Cambridge
Venice and Byzantium
The transformation of the Roman world; Byzantium and the imperial ideal; what were mosaics for? the mosaics at Ravenna; Venice and the Byzantium: the exchange of imperium; attitudes to empire in the Venetian consciousness; the end of the Byzantine world; Venice, Byzantium and the “spread” of classical learning.

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