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"Thank you for the experience of a lifetime"

“Without you creating this brilliant course, I would not have found great friends, continued and extended my cultural education, and been gifted a love for Venice which I know I will never lose".

For 9 weeks, John and Charlie have looked after us, sharing their insider knowledge of these beautiful cities, scolding us for lateness, loudness and general loutishness. Their care, but also their desire for us to have our freedom, is what makes the course truly special, an opportunity we will eternally relish having taken.

"I’m thrilled I took the leap; it opened my eyes to the beauty of art not just found in painting, sculpture and architecture but also in opera, music, literature, world cinema, photography or simply witnessing the gorgeous Italian landscape, with a glass of prosecco in my hand"

G. Nightingall

"You are dipped into art history, architecture, music, world cinema, restoration, literature, some science, some current affairs….and left to ask questions to yourselves while immersed in the incredible cultural environment of Venice."

What People Are Saying About Us

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