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The Course Register 1981

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Arthur Armstrong, Peter Barnes, Gillian Bellwood, Hugh Bickerton, Penny Boreham, Karenza Boscawen, Hamish Bruce, Karen Bull, Janey Bunting, Jonathan Burge, Edward Buxton, Vanessa Buxton, Ruth Charity, Dick Collins, Catherine Cormie, Mary Crichton Maitland, Sarah De Rougemont, Camilla Edwards, Diana Ffennell, Caroline Findlay, Robert Goldie, Anna Graham, Christopher Granville, Giles Griffin, Sophie Hartley, Sophie Hauser, Fiona Henderson, Susannah Henderson, Martin Hill, Alexandra Holcroft, Richard Hopton, Georgina Iliff, Catherine Jones, Emma Kerr-Smiley, Peter Kind, Robert Kynoch, Catherine Law, Emma Law, Jane Law, Vanessa Le Neve Foster, Andrea Levinson, Kate Lewis, Stephen Lloyd, Isabella Longley, James McGrigor, Charles Martin, Georgina Montagu, Harriet Morton, Nicholas Orchard, Lucinda Palmer, Emma Parkinson, Sarah Pilkinton, Andrew Post, Rupert Prest, Paula Rae, Rupert Rankin, Chantal Revell-Smith, Victoria Richards, Hugo Robson, Philip Rouse, Emma Rowan Hamilton, Jonathan Shimwell, Jane Smart, Jackie Smith, Sarah Smith, Stephen Swift, Simon Thomas, William Touche, Emma Viney, Camilla WallHarriet Ward-Jones, Kate Weston, Paul Wilmshurst, Jane Wilmshurst, Nicholas Wood, Charlotte Wood, Lisa Wood.


Record of Past Programme
The Contemporary Europe Pre-University Course in Venice

February 9 – April 15
Director: John Hall

Venice. Pensione Atlantico

Lectures: The Dante Alighieri Society (Arsenale)

Lecturers and Syllabus

Robin Griffith-Jones B.A. Christie’s
Venetian Humanism and the Renaissance of Thought
Petrarch and the enemies of Humanism; the Ancient World and the Civil Ideal; Platonism and the Florentine Academy; the arrival of printing.

John Hale F.B.A. Historian, Professor of Italian, University College, London
Venice; Florence; Rome

Doctor Bernard Hickey M.A. Professor of Commonwealth Literature, University of Venice
Browning; Ruskin

Patrick Kinmouth B.A.
‘The Temples of Delight’
A series of readings and discussions on the obsessions and dimensions of the creative imagination, with special reference to Keats, Yeats, Picasso and our own time

Peter Lauritzen B.A.
Byron in Venice; the Venetian Palace

Christopher Lloyd M.Litt. Assistant Keeper, Ashmolean Museum
The role of Venice in early Italian painting
Techniques; fresco painting and panels; Assisi; pre-Giottesque problems; Giotto; Siena in the 14th century; Masaccio; Donatello’s Paduan altarpiece; Perspective: Uccello, Baldovinetti, Pollaiuolo; Verrocchio; early painting in the Veneto; Mantegna and Giovanni Bellini.

Andrew Matthews Professor in Psychology, St. George’s Hospital, London
Experience and Behaviour
Brain and mind; seeing the world; remembering and forgetting; learning about emotions; myths and mental illness.

Charles McCorquodale M.A.
High Renaissance and Baroque
Giorgione; Titian; Pontormo; Bronzino; Caracci; Bernini

Rodney Milnes Associate Editor of Opera Magazine, Opera Critic The Spectator
Opera: Exotic and Irrational or the Summit of Dramatic Art?
‘Drama per Musica’ – the classical ideal in the 17th century; ‘Fine Feelings and Good Form’: the world of opera seria; Comedy and Revolution: Mozart and Rossini; Bel Canto versus Melodrama: Donizetti, Verdi; Verismo: realism unleashed – Puccini and his contemporaries; back to the First Principles: Wagner as a reformer; principles developed: Wagner and the ‘complete work of Art’.

Peter Phillips Editor of EARLY MUSIC GAZETTE
Venice as a stylistic centre for sacred music: 1550 – 1750
The origins of coro spezzato: Willaert; the two Gabrieli; Monteverdi’s sacred music; sacred music in Venice in the High Baroque; Vivaldi; Venetian influence in Italy: Lassus and Palestrina; Venetian influence in Germany: Schutz.

Professor Dott. Terisio Pignatti Professor of the History of Art, Venice University
An introduction to Venetian architecture; Tintoretto; The Guardi and Canaletto

Alex Potts Ph.D. the University of East Anglia
Tiepolo and 18th Century Venice

Stella Rudolph B.A., Laurea, Lecturer in Art History, University of California Florence Program
Palladio; Piranesi; Canova

Christina Thoresby

Nicholas True B.A.
The Roman Tradition
Introduction: the Roman Inheritance; evolution of Byzantium; the Byzantine approach to art; art and architecture in Christian Rome; the idea of Empire in Western intellectual tradition up to the Renaissance

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