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The Course Register 1967

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Gabriel Anderson, Charles Adams, Angela Boswell, Andrew Balfour, James Barraclough, Roger Critchley, Heather Davies, Alexandra Dorrien-Smith, Christopher Dunstan, Aleda Erskine, Julien Le Fanu, Simon Fletcher, Benedict Foo, Richard Forsyth, Christopher Gowers, Nicholas Gilbert Scott, John Grumbar, Ian Hayes, Caroline Hopkins, Olga Hardy, Francis Harrison *,Julie Holman, William Horsley, Paul Ingrams, Charles Jones, William Jones, Roland Jack, Patrick Lacy, Ian Littlewood, Richard Lawrence, Terry Milewski, Christopher Martin, Oliver Morse, John MacNulty, Philip Magnall, Michael Norman, Peter Parson, Richard Phillips, Nicholas Purcell, Diana Phillips, Charles Rickett, Christopher Rowley, Roderick Robertson, John Rich, William Thomas, Susan Unsworth, Caroline Villers (Deceased), Hilary Wybar, Sally Wright, Andrew Whitehouse.

Record of Past Programme
The Contemporary Europe Pre-University Course in Venice

February 20 – April 15
Director: John Hall

Venice. Pensione alla Salute da Cici

Lectures: Museo Correr

Lecturers and Syllabus

Jennifer Fletcher B.A. Lecturer in the History of Art, Courtauld Institute and Reading University
The techniques of art history
Visual and documentary sources; Venetian Byzantine art; patron and artist in 15th century Italy; the artist’s workshop in the 15th century; Renaissance portraiture; the equestrian monument; Ruskin and Venice.

John Guthrie Lecturer in English, the University Institute of Language and Letters, Venice
Contemporary Italy
A general introduction; modern Italy – the political structure; education and culture in Italy today.
Italian music
The Venetian school; Italian folk music.

John Hale M.A. Professor of History, University of Warwick
The Venetian Constitution
How it worked and its influence on political thought in Italy, England and America.

Renaissance Religion
Paganism, reformism, church and state.

Economic life in the Renaissance
Trade, industry, banking, free enterprise versus state regulation and church prohibition; Venice before and after the Portuguese tapping of the spice trades.

Castiglione and Cellini; social conventions, guilds and confraternities; ‘the career open to talent’ in Italy and elsewhere in Europe.

Its meaning; the revival of antiquity; the practical application of humanist learning in manners and morals; art and political thought.
The taste for Venice
Changing reactions among travellers, connoisseurs and writers from the 17th to the 19th century.

Ronald Harris M.A. Head of the History Department, the King’s School, Canterbury
A survey of Venetian history
Three recorded lectures.

Peter Oppenheimer M.A. Lecturer in Economics, Christ Church, Oxford
What economics is about
Methods of economic analysis; economic history 1914-1945; post war economic problems; free trade and integration in Europe; Britain, sterling and the Common Market.

Professor Dott. Terisio Pignatti Vice-Director of the Civic Museums of Venice
A survey of Venetian architecture; Venetian painting
From Ravenna mosaics to San Marco; trecento and early quatrocento; quatrocento – Mantegna, Carpaccio; the Bellini; cinquecento – Giorgione, Titian, Bassano, Tintoretto; seicento and early settecento – the baroque and rococo; settecento – Tiepolo and Longhi; landscape painting in the settecento – Canaletto, Guardi; Venice in settecento viewprints; architecture in Venice today.

Timothy Shallice Ph.D. Lecturer in Psychology, University College, London
Perception; memory; motivation; choice; heredity and environment; early childhood and the development of the personality; the development of intelligence.

Barry Sugarman Ph.D. Research Fellow in Sociology at the Farmington Trust Research Unit, Oxford
What is sociology?
Patterns of society; social class; sociology and education; social change, reform and revolution.

Italian language tuition is provided by graduates of the University Institute, Venice.

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