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The Course Register 1975

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Robert Adams, Rachel Alston, Teresa Armstrong, Paul Baron, Peter Baron, Michael Bartlet, James Behrens, Amanda Batten, Jane Birdsell, Mary Bonn, Julian Boulding, Lucy Bray, Rachael Budden, Virginia Carr, Richard Cotton, Geoffrey Cubitt, Lucy Cuddon, Melinda Down, Charlotte Du Cann, Frances Dunkells, Bridget Fisher, Charles FitzRoy, Christopher Gilmour, Charles Grant, Christopher Graves, Mirabel Guinness, Sonia Gurney, Sarah Hadden, Alexandra Hailes, Barry Hardman, Teresa Hibbert-Hingston, Ann Jones, Michelle Kearns, Nicholas Kingsland, Patrick Kinmonth, Paul Kinnersley, Anne Lejeune, Miranda Leeds, Anthony Lewis, Gary Manning, Walter Middleton, Georgina Miller-Stirling, Naomi Molson, Carol Morley, Nicholas Moynihan, Elizabeth Paine, Matilda Palmer, Georgina Purefoy, Hugh Richards, Rose Ridley, Felicia Sanders, Charlotte Sayers, Camilla Scott, Colum Scott, Charles Seaford, Ann Shaw, Julian Smith *, Camilla Smith, Harriet Thompson, Alison Twist, Rupert Wace.


Record of Past Programme
The Contemporary Europe Pre-University Course in Venice

February 4 – March 27
Director: John Hall

Venice. Pensione Atlantico
Florence. Pensione Centrale
Rome. Pensione Accademia

Lectures: Museo Correr or Pensione Lecture Room

Lecturers and Syllabus

Richard Gutch B.A., M.Phil. Senior Planning Officer, South Yorkshire County Council
Planning – Past, Present and Future
The planning process; Medieval and renaissance planning; imposed order – the baroque approach; planning in the 19th century; the year 2000; conservation; planning for transport; housing and environment; public participation in planning; who are the planners?

Dottor Mario Greco Lecturer in Economics, University of Venice
The Italian Political System

Michael Healey M.A. Producer, BBC Television, previously Assistant Director, Playhouse Theatre, Oxford
Theatre Workshop

Doctor Bernard Hickey M.A. Professor of Commonwealth Literature, University of Venice

Peter Lauritzen B.A.
Byron’s Venice

Nicola Le Fanu B.A. Composer
Mozart; Verdi; Wagner; why opera in the 20th century?
New Music
Music of the last ten years and its roots in 20th century music
Four talks will be on opera, five on modern music

Andrew Martindale M.A., F.S.A. Professor of the History of Art, University of East Anglia
Pisanello; the Bellini

Marilyn Perry M.A., M.Phil. Venice.

Professor Dott. Terisio Pignatti Director of the Civic Museums, Venice
Canaletto and the Guardi ; the Tiepolo

Stella Rudolph B.A., Laurea, Lecturer in Art History, University of California Florence Program
Venice An introduction to the architecture; Byzantine Art in Venice; Piazza S. Marco; the Basilica of S. Marco; Venice – the International Style; the Ducal Palace; the Scuole; Iacopo and Giovanni Bellini; Giovanni Bellini – the later years; Giorgione; Titian; Tintoretto and Veronese; Palladio; Tiepolo and Longhi; Canaletto and the Guardi; Canova and Neo-Classicism.

Robert McHenry B.A., D.Phil., Tutor in Social Psychology, Oxford University
Social Psychology
Non-verbal communication; cross-cultural social interaction; forming impressions of other persons; measuring the accuracy of impressions; children’s ability to form impressions. Prejudice; attitude change; social psychological ideas about mental illness.

Christina Thoresby
Some Aspects of Carpaccio’s Paintings

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