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The Course Register 1977

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Rachel Aggs, Patrick Allen, Charlotte Ashton, William Batstone, Bridget Beevor, Joanna Bell, Edith Bennett, Caroline Bentliff, Theresa Bonn, Jane Boreham, Charles Boscawen, Henrietta Bredin, Joanna Cross, Georgina Crowder, Zahra Daridany, Sophie Davis *, Carole Deane, Andrew Dennis, Diana Deterding, Joanna Don, Lucinda Dundas Hamilton, Georgina Fortesque * (Deceased), Victoria Foster, Caroline France, Roger Glass, Annabel Heywood, Tom Holme, Elizabeth Ingram, Sabina Joicy, Catherine Kidston, Nicholas Kidwell, Simon Kverndal, Henrietta Lloyd, James Macdonald, Harriet MacKenzie, Nicholas Marlow, Paul McLaughlin, Catherine Messent, Simon Montagu, Simon Murray, Richard Osborn, Mary Phillips, Susan Robinson, Andrew Robson, Peter Rumney, Amanda Russell, Simon Sadler, Melita Samoily, Cilla Sayers, Roderick Scott, Catherine Scott, Katy Seymour, Helen Shaw Stewart, Paul Sisson, Elizabeth Sprague, Mark Stuart-Smith, Laure-Helene Terlin, Emma Thompson, Charlie Vaughan, Juliette Walker, Guy Warde-Adam, Catheryn Windsor-Clive.


Record of Past Programme
The Contemporary Europe Pre-University Course in Venice

February 7 – March 28
Director: John Hall

Venice. Pensione Atlantico
Florence. Pensione Centrale
Rome. Pensione Lydia

Lectures: Palazzo Fortuny, Museo Correr or Pensione

Lecturers and Syllabus

Sir Ashley Clarke
Restoration in Venice
Visit to a site

John Cobb B.A., B.M.Ch., M.R.C.P., M.R.C. Psych. Institute of Psychiatry, London
Why Psychiatry?
‘Normality’ and ‘Madness’ – both myths? Models of mental illness; a ‘sick’ society or ‘sick’ individual? can sex be unhealthy? What is analysis? What is behaviourism? Do psychiatrists have to be doctors? indoctrination and sensory deprivation; the history of psychiatry; group interaction.

Doctor Bernard Hickey M.A. Professor of Commonwealth Literature, University of Venice
Shelley, Ruskin

Pat Keysell Director BBC Vision On
Mime – Palazzo Fortuny

Professor Andrew Martindale Professor of the History of Art, University of East Anglia
Venetian Painting to Giovanni Bellini

Marilyn Perry M.A., M.Phil.

Professor Dott. Terisio Pignatti Professor of the History of Art, Venice University

Stella Rudolph B.A., Laurea, Lecturer in Art History, University of California Florence Program
A survey of Venetian painting and architecture
Venice – an introduction to the architecture; the Piazza; the Basilica; the Ducal Palace; the Scuole; the International Gothic style; Jacopo and Giovanni Bellini; Giorgione; Titian; Tintoretto; Veronese; Palladio; Tiepolo and Longhi; Canaletto and the Guardi; Canova and Neo-Classicism.

John Rutter M.A., B.Mus. Composer, Director of Music, Clare College, Cambridge, Lecturer in Music, the Open University
Music – Past, Present and Future
Listening to music; Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic – four ideals; turning points in musical history; opera – from Mozart to Verdi; opera now; what makes great music great? how composers compose; Pop and Classical – strangers or brothers? the avant-garde through the ages; where to next?

Phillip Rylands B.A.
Palma il Vecchio

Christina Thoresby
Some aspects of Carpaccio’s Paintings; Lorenzo Lotto

Nicholas True B.A. Sometime John Whitgift Research Student in History, Peterhouse, Cambridge
Venice and Byzantium
The fall of the Roman Empire; Byzantium-Rome continued until 1025; theory and conventions of early Christian and Byzantine art; Ravenna; the origins and development of Venice; Venice and Byzantium; conflicts and contact; the importance of the idea of ‘Rome’ in Venice and Italy; the decline and fall of Byzantium.

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