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The Course Register 1985

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Mary Abbott, Nicola Adams, Lucy Anstey, Katherine Bartlett, Lucinda Basden, Philip Bassett, Anne Beischer, Jennifer Biscoe-Taylor, Marston Bloom, Harry Bott, Joanna Bowen, Joanne Bowlby, Edward Bradford, Virginia Burrows, Melissa Carter, Christopher Clark, James Clatworthy, Arabella Collins, Sarah Coltman, Harry Corsham, Tanya Cox, Alexander Crawford, Sarah Croll, Natalie Da Gama Rose, James Darby, Oliver Davis, Aragon Dick-Read, Sophia Dobbs, Martyn Downer, Sophie Edwards, Victoria Ellingworth, Tessa Everington, Catherine Fairgrieve, Anna Fairburn, Harry Fleming, James Fletcher, Jonathan Fox-Bassett, Felicity Freeman, Robert Gibson, Claire Griffith, Anne Gurney, Anne-Marie Hainault, Alexandra Heseltine, James Hodson, Fiona Hunter-Craig, Richard Hyde, Elizabeth Ince, Luke Irwin, Aisling Irwin, Jessica Isaacs, Lucinda Jarrett, Jemima Joll, Aki Kidani, Hertford King, Gavin Knight, Jane Lamdin, Julia Lessey, Brenda Lynn, Alison Maitland, Charlotte Male, Emma McBrien, Catriona McKay, Susanne McDonald, Dominic Matterson, Victoria Mellstrom, Victoria Merry, Sarah Mills, Annie North, Carey Ogilvie, Lucy Parker, Venetia Playne, Jane Quinn, Niall Rae, Edward Rose, Michael Rowan, Jock Taylor, Justin Williams.


Record of Past Programme

The Pre-University Interim Course

January 19 – March 19
Director: John Hall

Venice. Pensione Atlantico

Lectures: The Dante Alighieri Society (Arsenale)

Lecturers and Syllabus

David Ekserdjian M.A. Christie’s Junior Research Fellow, Balliol College, Oxford
The Venetian response to the Renaissance
Giotto in Padua; International Gothic and Venice; Mantegna; Giovanni Bellini; Cima and Carpaccio – two alternatives to Bellini.

Jane Glover Lecturer in Music, St. Hugh’s College, Oxford, Chorus Director, Glyndebourne Festival Opera, Musical Director, Glyndebourne Touring Opera
The development of the orchestra
Beginnings; the Baroque orchestra; the Classical orchestra; the Romantic orchestra; the 20th Century orchestra.

David Hemsoll M.A.
Antiquity and Nature in the 15th Century
Masaccio: Nature and the Antique; Perspective and Nature; Brunelleschi and the Antique; Antiquities in the 15th Century; Nature versus Antiquity in the later 15th Century.

Doctor Bernard Hickey M.A. Professor of Commonwealth Literature, University of Venice

Charles Hope Lecturer in Renaissance Studies, Warburg Institute, University of London
Giorgione and his Followers
The historical background; the young Titian; Giorgione and Guilio Campagnola; Sebastiano and other ‘Giorgioneschi’.
Introduction to Iconography
Decorum; religious imagery; allegory and myth; programmes and their compilers.

Deborah Howard Ph.D. Author of The Architectural History of Venice’
Venetian Architecture
Urbanistica; the Gothic heritage; the Scuole; Piazza S.Marco; the plague and its effect on the landscape.

John Francis Lane Critic and television filmmaker
The Art of Cinema
This will include viewings of films.

Peter Lauritzen B.A. Author of Palaces of Venice, Venice: 1,000 years of Culture and Civilization, The Islands and Lagoons of Venice, UNESCO report: Venice Restored
Venetian History – an introduction
Byron in Venice; the Venetian Palace; Restoration in Venice 1965-1971

James Macdonald B.A. Diploma Student, Lecoq and Gaulier Schools of Drama, Paris
Commedia dell’ Arte
There will also be a series of practical sessions in theatrical method.

Rodney Milnes Associate Editor, Opera Magazine
Opera: Exotic and Irrational or the Summit of Dramatic Art?
Sensibility and Sense: opera seria and the Gluck’s reforms; Comedy and Revolution: the world of Mozart; the Age of bel canto: Bellini and Donizetti; Comedy and Anarchy; Rossini and the rise of operetta; Verdi and the Risorgimento; Verdi and the triumph of dramatic truth; outside influence from East and West: Russian and French opera; Realism unleashed: Puccini and his contemporaries; Wagner and ‘the complete work of art’; Wagner – the reluctant humanist; the elements of performance; pressures and practicalities.

Nicholas Penny Ph.D. Senior Research Fellow, King’s College, Cambridge
Art and Values
Patronage and collecting; genius and originality; style and evolution; Classics and Primitives; museums and modern art.
High Renaissance and Baroque Rome
Raphael and the Stanze of the Vatican; Caravaggio and the 17th Century Classicism; ceiling paintings from Raphael to Padre Pozzo; chapels and small churches; antique sculpture collections and the early groups of Bernini; tombs and shrines by Bernini, his rivals and followers; new facades, palaces, fountains, obelisks and streets.

Peter Phillips Professor, Royal College of Music, Director The Tallis Scholars
Sacred music from plainsong to the present day
The plainsong heritage; the New Art 1250-1400 and International style – the Netherlands abroad; the Great Florid tradition in England 1350-1500; functional music – the Protestant Reformation; the Catholic response in Venice; operatic church music – Bach to Haydn; church music in an age of Agnosticism.

Professor Dott. Terisio Pignatti Professor of the History of Art, Venice University
Tintoretto and Veronese; Canaletto and the Guardi

William Pinarello
Economic aspects of life in Venice today

Sarah Quill Photographer
There will be a practical photographic project resulting in the showing of a programme of slides with linked music and titles.

Christina Thoresby
Pisanello; Lotto

Nicholas True M.A.
Byzantine Art: an introduction; Ravenna; Byzantium and Venice

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