What To Expect

The course is unique. The heart of the experience is living as a resident, engaging in the life of an Italian city – a huge cultural mind-opener. The core of the programme is six weeks spent living in Venice with 30-40 like-minded individuals. The group stays in a hotel in the centre of the city, ten minutes walk from our lecture centre. There are lectures and classes, plus visits to places of cultural and historic interest. Add to this, optional cookery, life drawing, photography and language classes. No previous knowledge or experience is required.

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Since 1965 over 3000 students have taken part in the course. Our alumni work in the arts sector, at museums, newspapers, galleries and auction houses but also in every other area, from the judiciary, politics, education, science and every other field. We organise reunions each year which have proved to be very popular, whether in Venice or London. Our alumni page lists every student plus a descrption of the lectures and topics. We hope that our alumni will stay in touch with us and update us with changes to contact details by writing to us at alumni@johnhallvenice.com

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Dates & Fees

It is impossible to do what we do on the cheap. We bring in experts and arrange incredible private visits to St Mark’s Basilica at night in Venice, the Sistine Chapel in Rome, making an inspirational experience that you won’t find anywhere else. It is not something that any university could offer. It is a super team of intellectual and artistic giants who have been selected for their charisma as much as for their expertise. Flights, hotel accommodation (and two meals a day), internal travel and museums entrances are all included.

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News, Press & Events

30th January
John Hall Venice Reunion Party 2019 at The Traveller’s Club, Pall Mall, London

Charlie or Emma will be visiting schools to attend Gap Year Events or give lectures so please feel free to come and ask us anything then; a face to face meeting is invaluable!

24th April

27th April

12th June

26th June

26th June

28th June
Prior Park

John Hall Venice