What To Expect

The course is unique. The heart of the experience is living as a resident, from late January to late March, engaging in the life of an Italian city out of the tourist season – a huge cultural mind-opener. The core of the programme is six weeks spent living in Venice with 30-40 like-minded individuals, attending lectures and presentations given by some of the world’s leading experts, on a massive variety of subjects, ranging from art and art history, cinema, music, philosophy, poetry, conservation, climate science, evolution, astrophysics and much more. Optional classes in cookery, photography, life-drawing and Italian language add to the vibrant social experience where life-long friendships are formed. The group stays in a hotel in the centre of the city, ten minutes walk from our lecture centre. No previous knowledge or experience is needed, there are no academic requirements and no tests or coursework. All we require is curiosity and enthusiasm for some subjects which will be completely new to some of you!


Since 1965 over 3000 students have taken part in the course. Our alumni work in the arts sector, at museums, newspapers, galleries and auction houses but also in every other area, from the judiciary, politics, education, science and every other field. We organise reunions each year which have proved to be very popular, whether in Venice or London. Our alumni page lists every student plus a descrption of the lectures and topics. We hope that our alumni will stay in touch with us and update us with changes to contact details by writing to us at alumni@johnhallvenice.com

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Dates & Fees

It is impossible to do what we do on the cheap. We bring in experts and arrange incredible private visits to St Mark’s Basilica at night in Venice, the Sistine Chapel in Rome, making an inspirational experience that you won’t find anywhere else. It is not something that any university could offer. It is a super team of intellectual and artistic giants who have been selected for their charisma as much as for their expertise. Flights, hotel accommodation (and two meals a day), internal travel and museums entrances are all included.

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News, Press & Events

ADULT enrolment on the course.

Over the years we have often been asked if it might be possible for a few adults to take part in our experience. I can now happily announce that after a couple of experimental years we have decided that in fact it WORKS!

If you are an adult and would like to take part, either coming for three weeks or indeed for the entire six weeks in Venice then please contact our office. This is on a strictly first-come-first-served basis and numbers are very limited.

Call Vicky on +44 (0) 20 8871 4747 or email info@johnhallvenice.com



BREXIT and The John Hall Course

Whatever happens with Brexit there will be no changes to the course. As far as we can tell, your EHIC card will still be valid although we will update you on that. Here’s what is on the EHIC website

What impact will Brexit have on the European health card system?

In the Brexit White Paper, the UK government claimed that it wants UK nationals to be able to continue to use the EHIC renewal scheme. So, it is clear that the government hopes there will still be arrangements in place for a form of E111 card renewal when the UK leaves the EU.

If an exit deal is arranged which will allow the UK to remain part of the EEA area, UK citizens would still be able to use their EHIC card. Currently, the UK government and the EU have arranged an agreement in principle, which will allow UK nationals to avail of the current EU healthcare schemes until 31st December 2020.

However, this has the potential to change as the negotiations for Brexit continue. If no deal is reached by 31st October 2019, your access to healthcare within the European Economic Area (EEA), EU and Switzerland could change.

Although, David Davis who is the former Brexit secretary did claim that if a deal with the EU cannot be arranged, the UK would provide an equivalent scheme. The UK already has reciprocal health insurance deals arranged with some countries outside the EU, including New Zealand and Australia. So, in theory, a deal could be arranged relatively easily for UK residents to access the EU healthcare system.

Up until the UK leaves the EU, you should still apply for your European Health Insurance card renewal as it will be valid until the official Brexit date.

Come and meet us at schools, at Gap Year fairs and the talks that Charlie Hall gives, stay in touch with us and tell your friends.


I posted this a year ago, but guess what? It’s soon going to be that time again!

Yes people, it’s THAT time of the year when you find out how you got on, where you’ll be heading and more importantly, when.

Maybe you’ve decided to take a Gap Year. Our feeling is that after over ten years slog at school, you deserve a break to clear your heads, do something on your year off and re-boot your system.

Come to Italy, spend nine weeks with a group of like-minded people, having fun and getting exposed to incredible stuff; art, music, cookery and new friends.

Here’s a little taster, a film that one of our students from last (this) year made. It’s not all about sitting in classrooms!


29th January
John Hall Venice Reunion Party 2020 at The Traveller’s Club, Pall Mall, London

Download the booking form here (below)

John Hall Venice Reunion Party booking form 2020

It’s the 2019 Student Magazine! Download it from the link below

Better late than never! The 2019 John Hall Course Student Magazine has been finished, download a copy here

John Hall Venice 2019 Magazine (1)

It’s the summer holidays!

We will be back with updates about the schools that either Charlie or Emma will be at.

John Hall Venice