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Week D! We're in Part Two of our Venice Course

It's incredible to consider that, as I write this, we have only two weeks left, and some of our group will be thinking of heading home (some of the sensible, fortunate ones will be thinking about Florence and then Rome)

So much has already passed; fantastic visits to Pomposa, Ravenna and Padua. Ahead of us are visits to Murano, Burano and Torcello, then at the end of the week we'll be going to the terra firma to visit two of Andrea Palladio's extraordinary villas, the hillside town of Asolo and finally the wonderful mausoleum designed by Carlo Scarpa, Italy's foremost architect of the 20th century.

This week gone by was busy, the energetic Jeremy Sams came back to entertain and stun us with his amazing selection of music, bring opera and musicals, from Monteverdi to Lin-Manuel Miranda and his irresistible musical, Hamilton.

We introduced the course to Leslie Primo and he reminded us of the art historical ground that we live on.

Cookery Classes, visits to the stunning works by Tintoretto in the Scuola di San Rocco, the paintings by Veronese in San Sebastiano and much much more.

We watched the fantastic Fellini film, La Dolce Vita, a once in a lifetime experience.

Mark Smith, our photographer gave a one-on-one class to Meritt, an indomitable early-riser, in one of the extraordinary squero, a gondola-making yard.

And the sun came out again!


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