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We head off to Rome!

Massimo brings the coach to Palazzo Strozzi and we head down for the last leg of our nine weeks together. The Course of 2018, 2020 and 2022 are together for the last few days, the sun is shining and our wonderful art historian, Frank Dabell, is here to welcome us to the city that he calls home.

He took us for an evening stroll through the Ghetto and up to the Campidoglio and then we had Sunday morning free, some of the group went to St Peter's for the Urbi e Orbi address by the Pope, and we met for a visit to the Capitoline Museum, the oldest public museum of art in Europe.

As the day ended some of us went to experience the extraordinary 'Baroque Machine', the altar of Saint Ignazio di Loyola in the Gesu church, and emerged to see the setting sun illuminating the dome of Sant'Adrea della Valle


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