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Torcello, Murano and some other things

As our glorious time in Venice draws to an end, we have ten days left, it's absolutely flashed by; friendships have been formed, masses of new bits of information gleaned, from the history of silent film, the best method to stuff ravioli, the history of late antiquity and the foundation of Ravenna and Venice, the spice trade, musical tradition in the churches of Venice's 118 islands....much more, plus the simple pleasure of hanging out with like-minded people in the evening warmth, without the urge to find something 'better' to do, or a 'better place' to be.

At the end of the course I'll compile a folder of high resolution images that you'll be able to download. But in the meantime, here's more photos.

The Zanetti glass factory ('fornace'), the 7th century church of Santa Maria Assunta on Torcello...and Mark Smith's photography class

More to come....


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