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The first half of the Venice Course ends

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

It was a foggy morning, our first day without sunshine for the entire three weeks; quite amazing for a marine city in January and February. The group headed out to San Zaccaria and we went to Campo Bandiera e Moro, admired the exterior and then the interior of the gorgeous church of San Giovanni in Bragora to see Cima's lovely altarpiece of San Giovanni Battista (erroneously known as a 'Baptism of Christ - I mean, who prays to an event?)

From there the group went to the spectacular Scuoletta di San Giorgio degli Schiavoni to see Carpaccio's paintings of Saint George and Saint Jerome.

Off to The Arsenale gates and then finally to Via Garibaldi for our annual 'Pizza Pub Quiz' with the winners grasping their hard-won 'golden' gondolas.

An Image or an Event? You decide


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