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John Hall Venice – dealing with the cost

by Amy Bradburne

I knew from the moment that I laid eyes on the John Hall Venice leaflet it was the perfect course for me – living in Venice, learning about its history and art, and enjoying the freedom to soak up one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There was only one teeny-tiny technical point-the money. The total sum for the course is quite gulp-worthy. However, because of this you know that the course is going to make the most of every single moment, and since being here I can assure you that’s exactly what it does. If you’re thinking of applying for it and want to raise some of, if not all of the money needed, there are numerous ways you can go about this. The course doesn’t start until January, by which time you will have had a good six months since leaving school to gather some funds. Getting a job for four or five days a week during this time can make a huge difference. For example I was working on average a 36-hour week for four months and raised half of what was needed. On a typical payroll of £6 per hour that’s not bad going! All you need to do is decide what job you’d fancy. I can fully recommend working in an upbeat pub or restaurant (preferably somewhere with a good tip system!) Others on the course worked in cafes, clothes shops and department stores. If you want to combine your job with gaining some good experience / C.V points, options such as caring or working with children are always available. Some people also combine their hobbies with their job: working on a ski slope, in a hospital or even selling paintings! There are easier ways of picking up a bit of cash too such as car boot sales, eBay and websites such as If none of this appeals, internships are always brilliant. There’s also the option of smiling sweetly at parents, family and friends. Good luck!

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