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First few days - and the sun's out!

Having got our luggage safely delivered, we've all moved in and settled into the swing of things. Very cold, but increasingly gorgeous and sunny. Everyone is happy at our restaurant and finding our feet in Venice, fantastic presentations from lovely Nigel McGilchrist, Patrick Craig and Rebecca Darley, we have covered early Byzantine history and the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, the development of the choral tradition, from plain chant to Monteverdi, the ancient love of coloured marble to the virtuosity of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and it's only Tuesday!

Weather has started foggy and cold but cleared to bright and glorious sunshine, and some of the group got taken on a gondola ride!

...and as it's coming up for Carnival (on Saturday), it's fritelle season; the best Venetian delicacy known to the human race!


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