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Cold but Gloriously Sunny

This day was nearly three degrees below freezing, but everyone was warmed by seeing fantastic art and places as Louisa Warman and Susan Steer introduced the groups to various wonderful places. The Accademia Gallery, full of art produced over a span of nearly a thousand years. Painting, on gold ground, oil on canvas and a few pieces of sculpture by the Neo Classical artist Canova. The students were invited to weigh up what was and what was not a painting by Giorgione.

Canova designed a tomb for Titian, but ended up being buried (well, his heart was) in the same tomb in the Frari church (recently restored by Venice in Peril), and on the ground floor of the Accademia Canova's work is beautifully commemorated.

There's a wonderful collection of art from the late 16th and the 17th century. A real treat.

Later on, Louisa took one group to the gorgeous church of San Zaccaria and then on to the Renaissance palace that had belonged to the Grimani family.

What is amazing is that these museums are virtually deserted, and Susan and Louisa and practically free to give a class on Venetian art without disturbing other visitors or being disturbed in their turn.


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