A Venice Record 1965 - 2020, The Book Updated

Updated: Feb 13

The ultimate insiders’ collection of special memories and reminiscences

Were you part of The John Hall Pre-University Course in Venice between 1965 and 2015? Or planning to go in the future? Then here is the ultimate insiders’ collection of special memories and reminiscences.

Now updated to 2020

Published to celebrate the first 50 years, A VENICE RECORD captures the spirit of the course with contributions from students, art historians, artists, musicians, theatre and film people, scientists, historians, astrophysicists, philosophers and even vintners – all who have shared these ephemeral Venetian moments. The book is also a record of names of all alumni, and everyone who has taught on the course year by year. The book is now available at Blurb in Hardcover and Softcover or as an E-Book (iPad iBooks format)