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A day in the Veneto sunshine

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

We set off (reasonably) early to get out to visit some amazing sites out of Venice, our final 'day out'. Our first visit was the wonderful Villa Emo, designed by Andrea Palladio and frescoed by GB Zelotti for the newly married couple Leonardo Emo, and his wife, from the powerful Grimani family. We attempted a Course Photo but with a couple of people missing it's debatable whether photoshop could be employed to add them, but we took advantage of the delightful weather and the almost total absence of any other visitors to marvel at the exquisite architecture, and art

Off to Asolo for lunch,

and then on to Maser, to the Villa Barbaro, again, designed by Andrea Palladio, but this time, decorated by Paolo Veronese.

Our day ended at the exquisite Brion Mausoleum, designed by the wonderful Venetian architect, Carlo Scarpa, for the Brion family in the 1970's


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